Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Slain by Poetry

Landon hit me with some poetry yesterday.

I knew that he was supposed to write a poem for his literature class.

I wasn't expecting it to slay me.

As we were driving to class, I asked him to share it to me. He spouted off with this little ditty.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Landon is AWESOME

As you can imagine, I wasn't impressed. I delicately offered that he might be able to do better than that if he thought of his poetry assignment a little differently. See, Landon has been known to pen an original song or two. I have had the privilege of listening to a few of them. I suggested that a poem is something like a song without any music.....and then we moved on to discussing the weather.

Fast Forward to picking Landon up from class.

Of course, I was curious about how the poetry reading went. He told me he decided to write a "real" one in class....He said he read it and his teacher cried. Intrigued, I asked him to share it with me. This is what he read.

I Am New

By Landon Winningham

How could you, God, love me?
How have my works impressed?
For if I had been at your cross,
I am sure I'd have voted your death.
And this heart that beats in my chest,
I wonder,
Is it evil,dark like the rest?
And who is this person inside me?
What does he want with my life?
I wonder,
Would I be any different, if I never knew that you died!?
But no matter the beautiful paintings I have broken
Or pictures I have opt to go without,
Still the frames that I have not been inside,
Are broken because of my doubt
Then, kneeling down at this crucifix
With my heart in desperate need of care,
This God whom I don't even know
Lifts me
And I am new, standing there.

When it was over, I burst out crying.....ugly face, unexpected tears. It hit me out of nowhere and all I could whimper was "Yep...well..."

I had been slain by poetry.

I know I have messed up the beautiful picture that God has painted for my life many times. I have chosen emptiness and despair over the fullness and joy of Christ. I have doubted and feared but I know He doesn't give up on me. Never. He is ever faithful to pick me up and continue the good work that he started.

Lovin the life,


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Keeping In Touch With Landon

I asked Landon, my middle big kid, my mohawk sporting smooth talker, my "lemme git somma dat" sweetie pie, a simple question a little while ago.

He didn't know I was scribbling his response down word for word as he spoke.

I didn't plan on recording it at all but when I realized my 15 year old was actually taking the time to answer thoughtfully, I seized the moment!

......and also because he mentioned me in his top 3.....and I was touched.....and I wanted it writing.

I will record it here for posterity and amusement.

Me: Landon, what are 5 passions you have and why?

Landon: Football, Guitar, my guess music would fall under guitar. Ok. Fitness, not really weight lifting but anything fitness related...Friendship, being a good friend, and Girls.

Me: That's 6, I'm gonna cut that last one.


Lovin' the Life,