Thursday, January 19, 2012

July to Today

July-spent a week in DC with my family. It was VERY HOT. I didn't feel so good towards the end of the week. Strange, can this be right?,nauseous,exhaustion,somehow familiar feelings...and food
"Honey!!! I think I'm..."
Honey's response, "Cool!"
We found the nearest drugstore and it was quickly clear.
Two lines instead of one...two lines instead of one....two lines instead of one means, "I'm pregnant!".

August-Made big announcement to children. They were thrilled! The rest of the month is very sketchy. Spent lots of time in bed. Googled "debilitating nausea" just for the heck of it. Cursed my heightened sense of smell. Celebrated my 39th birthday. :) Yeah...39...WOW. Landon started high school as a freshman. What? Kellen returned as a sophomore. Whaaaaa! Maren and I started her 7th grade homeschool year. Yay!

September-I went to lots of high school football games. My niece,Allison,was born! Maren got braces. I went on a marriage retreat with my Honey...aaah. My nausea didn't go away but my family learned to cook more for themselves and how to use the stove vent when they did.

October-Kellen turned 16!!! Kellen got his driver's license!! Emotional instability reigned. Nausea continued. I decide I'm allergic to pregnancy. I came across some research which says that men who have negative memories of their mother's being pregnant are more likely to respond negatively to their wife being pregnant. I decide to shower more, not complain, and put some make-up on everyday so I don't ruin my sons' marriages. Found out it's a BOY!

November-Heartburn. Thanksgiving. Fried Turkey. Heartburn. Nausea. My legs start to resemble road atlas'.

December-Hibernated. Celebrated the birth of Christ. Thought of how young Mary was when she birthed our Savior. Read a book called The Handmaid and the Carpenter by Elizabeth Berg. Pondered the love of my husband. Thought of what it would be like to give birth in a stable. Slept with a thankful heart.

January- Fell asleep before midnight on New Years. Celebrated my Love's 40th birthday. He took it like a man. How can he not? He has another son on the way! Our boys came home from high school to homeschool for this semester. We are thrilled about that! Had an ultra sound at my last Dr's appointment where my Dr. asked "Were your other babies this big?".

The rest of the month is still developing. Our biggest challenge is to figure out what our littlest one's name is....and heartburn. :)



P.S.  Stay tuned for the addition of pictures to this post.  I can't do everything at once!