Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Love My Daddy!!!

Poppy-circa 1973

Hi Daddy! Just "called" to say Happy Father's Day! I hope you have a good one. Mama helped me pick out your present. I hope you enjoy it and think of me when you're fixin' stuff with it!

And Daddy, I want to say thank you for teaching me two very important things.

1. How to work hard (taking care of your family, building fences, remodeling a home, helping friends, helping family, fixing tractors, never giving up)

2. How to play (roping, riding, water skiing, trampoline, grandkids,sport shooting, dancing)

There's nothing like your Daddy hugs.  I miss 'em.

When it's been too long since I've called because I'm too busy doing life, I thank you for calling.  It reminds me that I shouldn't get too busy with life to talk to the people I love.

You're the most handsome cowboy I know! 

I love you, Daddy!!!

Paternally Blessed,


Monday, June 6, 2011

Barrel Racing Recap

Maren had a blast running in her very first NBHA barrel race this weekend!!!  Just Maren and I, all by our selves, driving the big rig.  Here's how the day went...

First, she gave her horse a bath, then we loaded him in the trailer.  Maren and I double checked to make sure we had everything before we jumped in the truck. Then I pulled halfway out of the driveway, stopped and started crying, "I don't know if I can do this!!!! WAAAAHHHHH!  WAAAAAH!!!!!  It's too hot today.  I think we should stay home!" 
Maren said, "Stop being a baby Mom!  We don't have time.  I have a barrel race to get to."
When we got to the show, I parked the trailer with no problemo.  Maren saddled up and put her barrel racing equipment on... 

...giraffe print leg protection.  (Thank you Gramma and Grandpa!)

She walked Reno around to get him used to the new surroundings before warming up. 

There was lots of waiting around, which was nice.  It helped me relax.  Maren made friends with girls her age while we rode around.  She ran 2 practice runs before running in 2 classes, Open and Youth.  She and Reno are quite a team.

Due to my heighted sense of consciousness, this is the only picture that I have to show for the 4 runs she made.  The most important thing is that Maren had a blast.  She learned a lot, made some friends, made 4 consistant barrel runs and.... 

.....she picked  up her prize money like a pro.   

That's right!  Lil' girl placed in the money in both of her classes.  Now she's saving up for a giraffe print breast collar.

I forgot how much fun barrel races are.  It's differnt now that I'm the one in the driver's seat but I think I have conquered that fear. 

Cant wait 'til the next one!!!!!!

Beyond Blessed,