Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Hangin' on the porch, waiting for the green light

And they're off!!!

Some of these pics are just for my Dad.  He knows why.  This is one of them.

This one too.
Another one for my Daddy.

Back to the hunt

Kellen and Landon decided to put all of their eggs in one basket.  Notice Landon's empty one.  Kellen has all the eggs for both of them.

Of course, I told them that it's not a good idea to put all of your eggs in one basket........They looked at me funny.

"Help me Obiwankinobi.  You're my only hope."
Translation:  "Tell us where the rest of the money eggs are hidden and no one gets hurt!"

One of the four legged spectators of the hunt, Lena.
What a fun day with friends and family!  Had a great lunch with ham, turkey breast, potatoes au gratin, asparagus, cranberry jello, and corn rolls for lunch.  Maren made a delicious carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for dessert.  Everyone enjoyed swimming and sunny skies.  Very relaxing.

Abundantly Blessed,


Friday, April 22, 2011

The Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare

Maren just finished up a really fun yet demanding play.  She played Antonio in The Merchant of Venice. 

She worked really hard to memorize all of her lines-no easy task since they were all written in Shakespearean English!

Here are a few of her favorite lines.

"The duke cannot deny the course of law for that would impeach the justice of his state among other nations and the trade and profit of the city consisteth of all nations.  Therefore go.  These griefs and losses have so wasted me, that I shall hardly spare a pound of flesh tomorrow to my bloody creditor.  Well, jailor, on. Pray Bassanio come to see me pay his debt, and then I care not."

"Bassanio, grieve not that I am fallen to this for you, for herein Fortune shows herself more kind than is her custom to let wretched man outlive his wealth, to view with hallow eye and wrinkled brow an age of poverty.  Speak me fair in death.  Repent not that you shall lose your friend, and he repents not that he pays your debt."

And somehow I got roped into playing a friend of Antonio's named Gratiano.  Kind of a silly guy, who talks too much and too loud.  Hmmm........

And my favorite line..."Let me play the fool.  With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come. Why should a man whose blood is warm within sit like his grandsire cut in alabaster.  I tell thee what, Antonio-I love thee, and 'tis my love that speaks.  There are a sort of men whose visages do cream and mantle like a standing pond, men of wisdom, gravity, profound conceit, who say, "I am Sir Oracle, and when I ope my lips, let not dog bark!"  O my Antonio, I do know these are only reputed wise for saying nothing, when I am very sure if they should speak, would show themslves to be the fools they are.  Fish not with this melancholy bait.  But what so I know?  I'm a fool myself."

Maren and I had a lot of fun!  She can't wait until the next one. 

Abundantly blessed,