Monday, December 27, 2010

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Present

This year has been particularly difficult communicationally(is that a word) speaking.
You would think, in a world where communication is so easy that it wouldn't be so hard for me to IM, text, email, phone, SOMETHING.   One of my gifts to my family this year is going to be "The picture of the week" and it's going to be right here on this blog.  I can upload a picture anytime of day and not have to worry about interrupting, time zones, busy schedules etc.

So here goes!!!  To my wonderful, far away family, here is your first PICTURE(S) OF THE WEEK!

This picture embodies our holiday season.  A lot has been going on in our lives but we take time to relax and enjoy one another.  Sleeping late and staying in jammies half the day is OK once in a while. 
We take time to be creative!  Maren created this dress on the dress form she got for her jammies!
Kellen, Landon and Maren

Snow Day!!  We played in the snow together until we were frozen and longing for hot chocolate.

Check back next week for another Picture(s) of the Week.