Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Anniversary...It counts.

It's been a while since I blogged. I was afraid that this would happen. I am trying to embrace the blogasphere! I don't want to give up. I had a myspace...I had a facebook...and now I HAVE a blog! I must persevere! So, here goes.

A lot has happened in the last month, not the least of which was my 17th wedding anniversary!! Whoo Hoo!! Every anniversary is a milestone and a celebration. Of course, we looked forward to the special day with happy anticipation. We announced at breakfast one morning that the day was coming up. The kids were congratulatory and asked how many years. I proudly stated that it would be 17, to which Maren says, "Only seventeen? That's not enough."
"Enough for what? And why isn't it?", I say.
"Enough for it to count. You have to make it to 20 for it to count.", she says.
Her father and I decided that we would be reminding her of this same information on her 17th birthday.

Happy Anniversay to us anyway!
Abundantly Blessed,